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Frequently Asked Questions

All that you ever wanted to know about PEO’s and PEO.com

What is a PEO?

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) enter into a co-employer relationship with clients, which allows them to share and manage many employer-related liabilities and responsibilities. Clients outsource their human resources to the PEO and maintain control of their companies, while the PEO provides human resources services, employee benefits, payroll administration and workers' compensation.

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What is co-employment?

Co-employment is the contractual arrangement between the client and the PEO that allows the PEO to provide a full range of services and to transfer or share many employer liabilities. Each party is responsible for certain employment obligations, and each party shares responsibility for other employment obligations. Workers become employees of two employers: the client retains supervision for production or delivery of service and the PEO assumes responsibility for human resources and personnel services.

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Who can benefit from a PEO?

EVERY company can benefit from a PEO. Let's qualify that; EVERY business that has employees can benefit from the services a PEO offers.

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How can a PEO fit into my organization?

By delegating many of your employer-related responsibilities to the PEO, you can focus on your business and what it takes to grow your business. A quality PEO can help you attract and retain superior employee’s, reduce your employment liability, enhance your benefit options, minimize transactional HR, improve productivity, ultimately increasing your profitability, all while allowing you focus on running your business.

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I don't want to give up control of my company; does that happen when I use a PEO?

You'll find that you actually gain more control over your business when you use a PEO. You're freed from administrative issues and details. This allows you to focus on doing what you do best-growing your business. At the same time your employees can access quality employee benefits that motivate and increase employee loyalty.

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Why do I need PEO?

You are NOT an employment expert. You do not have the time or the experience to become a human resources expert, and at the same time grow your business. Let a quality PEO help you manage your human resources, become more strategic and systematic about the success of your company, and realize greater efficiency and productivity. A quality PEO can help free you so you can move your organization to the next level.

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A few words from PEO.com

You apparently have some knowledge of the PEO industry or you wouldn't have arrived at PEO.com. Utilizing a PEO is a fantastic solution for managing your employment related needs. Use common sense in choosing a provider, interview a number of PEO's, choose one that offers the services you need, ask for references.

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